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Hi Robert,
Hope4dogs - Love grows where dogs go also commented on Unwanted Puppy Page's photo.
Hope4dogs - Love grows where dogs go wrote: "This was the most wonderful thing that I have had an opportunity to be involved in; in a long, long time. You lit this fire under me Robert. You take the photos and you give so much. You posted our Tucker and I fell in love in 2.5 seconds. He's ours now, because of you. We wanted to be part of it all, because of you. Dogs have a chance because people like you care so much and then inspire people like me. What a great weekend it was, thank you for lighting the fire. ♥ ~Priscilla"

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[ Hope you guys don't mind me posting's an old post from Gary last year. I had to save it as I thought it was quite a funny story. ]

Paw Angel: Gary passed away suddenly and left a big hole in our hearts. His post below is a very fitting tribute. Although this Society was not in existence at the time of his passing, still,  Hats Off  to a Real Paw Angel.

Robert Sudbury

Sunday,24 January,2010

Happy Sunday All,
What an adventure I have had today...
Made plans to pick Ethan up this Am for his B-day and all was well. I loaded up Bo in the car and headed out to ole stand by WallyWorldMart to get him a small cake for his birthday. I park the car and at the front door cute little red headed freckled faced gal bout 4 foot tall ask me if I would like to buy some girl scout cookies... I say no I can't eat them and my weenie doggie would but he don't need them either. Went inside and picked up the cake ...wasn't in there 2 minutes max and head back out the door...little red head hits me up again about cookies... I say again, I sorry I can't eat them. ...
Well, so I get to car and start feeling "guilty" because she was quite the little sales gal, on duty, all bundled up in 49 ° weather with her mom at 7:45 Am. I pull around to front of store. Open the car door and get out to buy a box of cookies from her (so I will feel better now ) and Bo jets out of the car and runs in WallMart...
Here I go after him... first person I see is a lady and she he went that way around the tomato bin... well shoot here I go looking for him... Get to the end of the produce isle and I here someone else say he is way down here ... so I turn around calling and calling him... Next thing is another lady says he's over here in the women clothing. Ok now I am winded, he is running and ears flappin in the wind ,tail waggin, just out of reach and will not stop for nothing. Assistant manager heres all the comotion and comes up and we both are now hot on weenie doggie trail. I see him going one way and get after him and again loose sight of him. Still lookin around and on hands and knees in womens dept and can't see hide nor hair of him. All of a sudden Asst Mgr says he's right behind you and looks like he went shopping too. By this time there are several folks around trying to help me corral the little red devil doggie. I sit down on the floor and turn around and sure enough there is Bo bo sitting right in front of me with the absolutely biggest red bra in his mouth I have ever seen.... were talkin 60 quad F size of two footballs thing here. He's winded, I'm winded and everyone in the damn store if laughin their butts off at both of us... I scoop him up in arm and walk to Asst Mgr.
I offer to pay for the dang bra and store manager say "No way.. I didn't even want to come into work today and this dog just made my day... I can't wait to see what happens the rest of the day." "Thanks for shopping WalMart " And thats how "My" day started off at 7:45 am on the way to pick up Ethan.

Remember.... It's all good !


Buddy got adopted today! We did not want to take the chance that Buddy might not make it so we bailed him out this morning. I took him to RTA to get his heart worm test (Negativity! YAY!)And a couple that had viewed him at Petsmart were there! Re-Love at second Site! The happy Family is all settled with Buddy. I know he will make a great companion for them!

Although the dog above is not Gary's dog, I'm sure we can all relate to his wonderful story at left! Gary is no longer with us, he is keeping watch over all of our pets that have passed on and are now romping around in Heaven.

Thank You Gary! 

Priscilla Farmer posted on Unwanted Puppy Page's Wall."This is my new baby. He came home from the shelter with me on Tuesday (you put him up in my truck for me!!). He's a wonderful dog and we're tickled to have him. ♥"
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