Paw Angel

Texas Animal Re-Homing Society

While we have good faith in the enthusiasms of those seeking to find homes for animals, we must set forth these guidelines to protect not only ourselves but the general public and most importantly, the animals themselves. Paw Angel ( will do all we can to re-home animals at our public events or events we are invited to, but we need your help to make these events as safe, productive and trouble free as possible.

The Fine Print:

Animals will always be animals. We recognize that there is always a danger of being bitten or scratched. While we will endeavor to provide a safe physical environment, It is Agreed: that Paw Angel, its host organization and persons employed or its volunteers, will be made safe from litigation of any kind. You must agree to hold Paw Angel, their representatives and the Host organization of the event, safe from any legal actions whatsoever. Again: you sign this agreement without reservations or intent to bring litigation of any sort against Paw Angel or its officers and volunteers. You will be exclusively responsible for your animal/animals to include Any Additional Persons and/or all children that you bring with you, related to you or not.

It is Agreed that no animal can be guaranteed healthy and free of medical or developmental problems. Paw Angel does not employee veterinarians or warranty the health of any animal.

It is Agreed that adopted animals are the sole responsibility of the new owner. Paw Angel will not accept the return of any animal because we do not have Kennels or a facility to house animals.

It is Agreed, all material, publications, logos and media with the Paw Angel name or logo is the Property of Paw Angel and may not be copied or distributed without the expressed written permission of a Paw Angel Officer. It is the Policy of Paw Angel that Electronic forms of agreement or commitment are not valid.

We at Paw Angel THANK YOU for DOING something about the plight of Homeless and misplaced animals. With a Community Partnership, we can all make good on Humankind's obligations to the millions of animals that should have Safe and Loving Forever Homes.

I have read the above and agree to be bound without reservations. ______________________________

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Guidelines for a Successful Event!

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