This little girl was given to me by a person that had To Many Dogs. She will be offered at our next Paw Angel event. I saw the Moma and she was a full blood JTR and the lady states that the Dad is a Chihuahua but darned if I can see a Chi in this one! I have had guesses from Beagle to mini-Dachshund because of the 'crook' in her legs when she stands. Oh Well, I got her first puppy shots.
Update! She was adopted on 9/ 24/11! She is now in Odessa Texas being spoiled rotten by two teenagers, a mom and soon, one unsuspecting dad that will be home from oversees soon!

Not many people called to take advantage of our Paw Angel event in Baird so we are hoping for a lot of drop in’s. I DO know of one little dog that will be there! Her name is Lady. (My name for her.) She came into the Abilene Animal Shelter while I was taking pictures for one of their events. She was covered in ticks and 'Greyhound Rescue' thin. You could have played a xylophone on her ribs! Her claws were so out grown, she was walking on them! She is grey around the muzzle and her age is pegged at 5 to 8 years old. Basically, a mistreated scruffy tick-infested little stray Chihuahua. Dogs like her usually don't last beyond the Three Days at the Abilene Animal Shelter. After all those ticks, she was probably a goner anyway. Right? Huddled in her kennel, the only interest she showed in people was to cower as close to the water bucket as she could get. I opened the gate, carefully reached in, expecting to be growled at and possibly bitten. Growled at, I was but not bitten. She was just at the very end of her strength. Like many other dogs I had seen in the Shelter over the years, she was beginning to shut down her life. It was over. I held her and talked to her a bit, trying to hide my anger over the ticks and the sadness that once again, a little dog had descended to this state before death.

At that moment, I received a phone call so I gently placed her back and went to a quieter part of the Shelter to take the call. My wife and I were going to travel to Amarillo for the birth of our second grandchild. Well, labor pains had started, so my new grand-child, (a perfect little girl) would come a day early and my wife wanted me home NOW! (She had the car packed and Ready!) Before I left, somehow, I missed the door to the lobby and drifted down 6 kennels before realizing my mistake. I was thinking about the trip; gas, route and all the things men think about before hitting the road for a 5 hour road trip. It would be a long ride and a long night.

Six kennels. Yep, it was her, still next to the water bucket but at least looking up at me without a growl. Oddly quiet in the 40 dog bay, she gave a soft whine. I needed to get home. Wife waiting, grand baby on the way but I moved my camera to my back, sat, reached up and opened the gate anyway. Grey ticks all around her ears and along her back but I just didn't care as this very frightened little dog showed me that she wasn't quite ready to give it all up as she slowly crawled into my lap. If you’re afraid of fleas and ticks, you won't last long in the animal rescue community. I petted and talked to her for a few minutes more and again, I gently placed her back. She stood and then sat, never taking her eyes off me even when several people walked by. I turned and walked away expecting a whine or bark so I looked back. She was now standing but just watched and then lay down upon her overgrown nails and again, sadly watched yet another person walk away.

I thought, 'she won't give up but nobody is going to adopt her with all those ticks and being that thin! She probably has heart worm or something else. Euthanasia would be a mercy but must she suffer with those ticks all over her?' I talked with Debby and asked that she be dipped and thinking further, I knew that if I put my name on her card, that this would stop the euthanasia until they called me to confirm my intentions. (Yah, like we all know how THAT was gonna turn out! :-) Hoping that SOMEONE would adopt her, I left permission for that person to adopt ahead of me. Yep, you guessed it. Three days later, I'm back in Abilene and one now de-ticked little dog is ready to go either home with me or to heaven. She was still rail-thin and the tick marks were dotted outlines like a mad stitchery experiment gone wrong.

She was sleeping when I arrived at her kennel. Is it smell, the super hearing of those huge Chihuahua radar ears? She slowly opened her eyes, waggled her pencil-thin black tail, climbed to her feet with actual pops and moans. Yes, she was an elderly lady. I opened the gate and reached in. No growls or cowering but a plop over upon her back with a look on her face that insisted, RUB! I did as requested and was rewarded with half closed lids and a contented waggle of her tail-tip. I used both hands and gently scooped her up. She gave groans of small protest but settled close to my chest. She was like a mini-furnace! So very warm! I now know that a lot of very short-furred Chihuahuas are like that but at the time, it really had me worried.

After bailing her out, and saving a bit of money because she had already been Spayed, I took her over to Rescue the Animals and got her heart-worm tested. A happy and firm negative! When I walked through the door, a friend of mine looked at me holding this scruffy little dog, smiled and playfully said, "Sucker!" Yep, that's me when it comes to an animal that is so beat up and worn out but not ready to give up. We suspect that she might have been a breeder and as happens with so many, just turned out or dropped off someplace. Can you imagine standing before God someday and having to explain that? Burrrrr.

She got her 4-ways shots, City Tag and I trimmed her nails. For the next four days, she did little else but sleep on a pillow I placed in my desk drawer beside my computer.  The only time she would move is if I left the room. As small and old as she is, she will not be left alone if she can keep from it. I took her to Petsmart, Pams, Lowes, Walmart, even the take out at Daves BBQ. As you can see in the first picture, she Loves car rides.

You can just imagine all the explaining I had to do and the looks I got because of her ribs and tick marks! I wore my Paw Angel shirt and that helped a lot. I was hoping for a kindly adopter and although EVERYONE wanted to hold her even with the tick marks, no-one wanted her. Don't get me wrong, I would not have simply handed her over. The adopter will need to fill out one of my applications modeled after the documents other societies use. A Paw Angel Dog will NEVER be sold. Yes, I'm out money but that was my choice. My goal is for her to get a great home. If someone on a fixed income can do that, she's so small that feeding her will be easy. 

It will be painful to let her go but she needs to be an Only Dog. She gets along well with my 5 other dogs of all sizes but would be much happier in the coming cold months setting beside or in the lap of a forever friend. If she doesn't find that Forever Home on Saturday in Baird, well, then she will remain my Paw Angel Dog until the day that happens. I have named her Lady; short for 'Grand Lady' but she will always answer to gentle words, hands and love.


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