Super Dachshund Emergency. Owner Dies.

by Rescue The Animals on Monday, July 11, 2011 at 7:13pm

35 Dachshunds Will Arrive in Abilene Tonight!


Homes are needed immediately for these dogs!


35 Dachshunds are on their way to Abilene this afternoon after an emergency trip to the Mesquite, Texas Animal Shelter by Rescue the Animals, SPCA.  


The Dachshunds were originally seized when Mesquite police responded to a home where a man had died.  They found 87 Dachshunds in the home and transported them to the city shelter.  Over 30 of the dogs were adopted, leaving 57 in trouble and out of time.


After 3 weeks, the Mesquite Animal Shelter had run out of space to continue holding the Dachshunds and was preparing to begin euthanizing them.  With people away on vacations, this is a terrible time of the year for adoptions.


 “We are out of kennel space too,” said Paul Washburn, President of Rescue the Animals, SPCA, “but with our Dachshund Races coming up next week we are taking a huge leap of faith and hoping that all the Dachshund lovers in West Texas will come to our assistance.”


 “We must find homes for these dogs immediately!  This is their absolute last chance. We will have to put several dogs in each kennel to keep them alive.”


The City of Abilene is making space for a number of the dogs at the Abilene Animal Shelter and will be assisting Rescue the Animals, SPCA in finding homes for the dogs.


SPECIAL HOTLINE to call 325-677-7722.    (677-SPCA)

This line will be answered Tuesday morning starting at 8:30 am.

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