About Us is an organization of concerned individuals founded to assist in the re-homing of unwanted animals. It is our goal to prevent as much as we can, the death of dogs and cats. Animals torn from their homes, wind up in our shelters. and sadly, most are euthanized to make room for more. The frightened little girl to the right is a sad example but happily, she was adopted. She beat the odds. Paw Angel volunteers contribute to the survival rate in many different ways.

We Volunteer at Re-Homing events hosted by local business.

We assist the Abilene Animal Shelter by being a direct point of contact between visitors to the shelter and the animals themselves by evaluating the animals so that the prospective adopter can make an informed decision. this helps reduce the rate of animal returns.

We are invited to local events where we host a tent that is used to shelter animals up for adoption accompanied by their owners.

We educate on how best to introduce new animals to a family, places to get the best rates on shots, neuter/spay and Why This Must Be Done To Break The Cycle Of Unwanted Animals.

Anyone can be a Paw Angel! Want Proof? Stop reading this Right Now, find your furry Companion, Hug and pet and Thank God that unlike the frightened little puppy I photographed at the Abilene Pound, your Companion is Safe with you. Now, go find her/him a playmate!


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