I would like to dedicate this, our first solo event to a little Jack Russell/Terrier mix that will never know that I intended to name her, Trixie. On Monday, I took her picture and that of several other dogs for the Shelter’s Back to Life program. On Wednesday, I went back to take more pictures and discovered that she had been euthanized just an hour before I arrived. My Fault Entirely. The Abilene Animal Shelter is manned by wonderful, hardworking staff and volunteers but it has a schedule they must stick to or the Shelter could fill up very quickly.  I could have saved her by simply placing my name on her card, holding her until I could get her out on Wednesday. I have done this for several dogs and had no difficulty re-homing them! I thought she had more time! She was 4 months old and READY for the Frisbee, tennis ball and just being a joy to watch. This was very sad but a good lesson to me to pay attention to detail.

I had my eye on this little Chihuahua even though the staff stated that he had, had a seizure a few days after he was brought in. I played with him and watched him carefully but as you know with people, no one that has episodes, carries a sign upon their back. I placed my name on him if for only the reason that my knot head neighbor had brought him to the Pound knowing that I look after lost dogs. He was so cute that it would have been easy to have found a home for him. The day I was to go get him, I got a call from a friend of mine at the Shelter and he had, had another very violent seizure. It was so bad that this six pound chihuahua actually toppled the two gallon steel bucket his water was in. I talked with Aaron and we both sadly agreed that without very expensive and inconclusive medical care, he would not have a good quality of life and it would be doubtful that someone would adopt him. I am very new at running a volunteer animal rescue organization and OK-ing the euthanization of an animal seems to go against every reason I started Paw Angel. Letting go, shedding a few tears but knowing that nothing is ever perfect and that all life is a learning experience. But there is no consolation in the death of a little dog that can't afford health care and a human that truly and deeply wishes he could. You came in the Shelter with no name but in my book, that will never do. I had named you Benny. You will be back but this time, try to stay out of the Pound will ya?

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