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This is Buddy. Turned in by an owner citing: Behavior Issues. I never found any. He's 3 pounds soaking wet and loves to be held. is an organization of concerned individuals founded to assist in the re-homing of unwanted animals.

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We are now taking considerations for events that we can set up at and try to find loving forever homes for dogs and cats of all kinds. Please leave email at: MyPuppyMutts@Yahoo.Com

We Need A Paw Angel Patron!

All of our volunteers are normal everyday working people that use our very limited funds to pay for the day to day cost of our operations. What cost do we incur?

Adoption fees: Abilene Animal Shelter: $60 to $80 fee for each animal.

The Shelter fee only pays for rabies and spay/neuter. We take all animals to the good folks at Rescue the Animals and get the 4 ways that help protect from so very much more than just rabies! This is around $ 20 per dog.

Toys, Crates, food, event fees, Whew! It all adds up! We are not 501C3 yet. Why? Because it cost more than any of us have!

Donations may be sent to:

Paw Angel

1525 Park Avenue

Abilene Texas 79603

What is our greatest need? Volunteers to really kick Paw Angel into high gear! Step Up! It's fun and very rewarding to know that at least One More Animal won't be going to the Pound Today!

Paw Angel is an attempt by me and several other people to come up with ideas to help people find homes for the dogs and cats that they can no longer care for. We are looking at ideas that have been posted all across the internet and this is one solution that seems to be working but will take an investment of time from the owner of the animals.  By City of Abilene Code, it is illegal to sell or give away animals in a public place so, what to do? Abilene has a LOT of Garage Sales and Yard Sales going on every weekend. A great many of those sales are hosted by Churches. People in other cities have been having great results by getting permission to bring their animals to these events and just sitting with them while the public shops. Better results are just commonsense things like bathing the animals before the viewing, having shot records and general information available. A kiddy Coral so that they can be seen off leash helps as well. Again,  Commonsense. If the dog is sick, or aggressive,this venue is not a good one and only you can be the best judge of that. I hope this idea will help with the massive problem of unwanted animals we have in the City of Abilene! Paw Angels is seeking to host a very large event whereby the public will be able to bring their animals to a location and set with them for the day in hopes of re-homing. That event is still in the planning stage with a lot of things yet to be worked out. For now, try the G Sale idea! It just might be the ticket to saving an animal from the Pound. One last note: Paw Angel events will Never be an avenue for people to Sell animals. Having said this, the one exception would be animals from the Rescue Societies that have a legitimate expectation to recover expenses for medical treatment. (Spay, Neuter, Shots, Heart worm Treatment, etc.) Yes, I know that the public incurs these cost as well but the rescue organizations are usually 5 oh 1 C 3 IRS-Blessed and ALWAYS Not-For-Profit. If you would like to host a Paw Angel Event, please contact me at MyPuppyMutts@Yahoo.Com

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